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1260 Rodman St Hollywood, FL 33019

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3

MARKET VALUE: $481,260.00

Tax Delinquent Property - Auction Calendar!

Yes, Tax Delinquent Properties are being auctioned off throughout the States - Until Recently only those who were ‘connected’ really had access. But not Ted’s students.

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Lisa Hall

Using Other People’s Money made

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has assessed value of $229,716.00


Bought a house for 27 cents on the dollar

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Why Me Going Broke was the Best Thing for YOU!

Ted Thomas
America’s Tax Deed Authority

Helping Investors since 1989

Hi, I’m Ted Thomas.

30 odd years ago I was a ‘big shot’ property owner with so many apartment units I could not even count them all. I had to have over 200 employees to even manage them. Then the recession and credit-crunch came and wiped me out. I was broke, and 200 people lost their jobs. I was devastated and up to my eyeballs with the ‘legal’ vultures as they fought to clean me out of every last nickel.

But sometimes you can learn a thing or two from the vultures. Because trust me, when this kind of disaster strikes you end up meeting a lot of vultures: real estate lawyers.

Normally time spent with lawyers is costly to say the least. But by sheer accident I noticed a type of real estate investing that these lawyers and insiders did, something I had never heard about before: Tax Defaulted Property Investing, also known as Tax Delinquent Property investing.

I became obsessed to learn how these guys were picking up good properties for pennies on the dollar and flipping them quickly to earn $25k to $100K or more per deal. This had nothing to do with Bank Foreclosures. No, these were properties being auctioned off by local counties due to non-payment of property tax. All the county wanted was the outstanding taxes owed. That’s WHY you can pick these homes up for pennies on the dollar.

Over the last 25 years I have been using Tax Defaulted property to earn millions, and teach others to do the same. Really. See my hundreds of Google reviews: 4.9 Google Rank – unheard of on the internet for someone teaching others how to earn a fortune. And I’ve been doing this for over 25 years.

Then along came the Lockdowns. That terrible disaster turned out to be the best friend you and I could ever have as far as Tax Defaulted Property investing.

You see up to now most of the auctions were attended only by these insiders. Of course my students attended too, but typically they would just attend auctions in driving distance.

So only the big shots could afford to send people to all of these 1000’s of local auctions to bid. These were live, in-person bidding, just like a cattle auction. My students didn’t have that ability.

And that’s unfortunate, because sometimes the best deals were someplace else.

How did Lockdowns make Tax Defaulted investing perfect?

Well, simply put, they forced many of these auctions to go Online – meaning now anyone – in virtually any part of the world – can bid on these very same properties from their kitchen table or their local coffee shop.

Yes, and still barely anyone knows about this!

You see, it’s still pretty much only insiders and a few savvy investors like my students who participate – because most folks just don’t know when and where these auctions are and about these lists of properties and where to download them.

So, grab your Tax Delinquent Property Auction calendar today, and find out how, where, and quickly you can begin to pick up good homes in good neighborhoods for pennies on the dollar.
Ted Thomas
PS: No matter how old you are, with Hyper-Inflation on the march, YOU must protect your savings by earning more than the rate of inflation. Tax Defaulted property is the way to beat inflation and come out with much more capital. Click below and I’ll explain more.

I Want to Make $25,000 to $50,000 or More on One Deal

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